Wellness Exams

Wellness and Vaccines


What is a wellness exam?

A thorough history and physical exam as well as nutritional consultation is part of every wellness exam. We offer healthy supplements, feeding guidelines, and vaccination recommendations for all ages of pets. A healthy lifestyle will prevent illness and allergies from developing later! 

What about vaccinations?

We offer vaccine titers instead of vaccination in many cases. A tailored vaccination plan is discussed for each patient, depending on individual risk and benefit.

Vaccines we do offer:

Rabies – three and one year

FVRCP- Feline Distemper

DHLPP- Canine Distemper

Novbivac- limited antigen puppy vaccine

Leptospirosis- annual

Lyme vaccine- annual

Feline Leukemia vaccine and testing- annual

Bordetella- Kennel Cough

At your wellness exam, we recommend annual fecal parasite exam and blood screening for these options:

Senior wellness panel

Thyroid testing

Heartworm and Lyme testing

Feline leukemia, FIV, and Bartonella testing


Your wellness exam is usually 30 minutes so that there is ample time to answer all of your questions. If your pet has health issues to investigate, a 60 minute exam is recommended for an initial visit.

When injuries happen, we provide additional products and ideas for pain management and healing that complement your conventional veterinary care you use for emergencies. Dr. Lewter works with your referring veterinarian to formulate the best plan for recovery.

We focus on quality of life and family choices for your pet’s healthcare.  After all, you are the primary caregiver and your plan must complement your lifestyle.