terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:

Medical advice may be given but is not a substitute for physical examination. Some conditions cannot be fully diagnosed without a physical examination. There is no guarantee of a cure for any medical condition.

An actual physical exam by a licensed veterinarian is always recommended to make the best diagnosis. Blood tests are recommended to confirm some disease conditions.

Agreement to these terms indicates that the client is willing to see a licensed veterinarian for this condition or that they waive their right to hold any veterinarian responsible for the outcome.

A valid veterinarian -client-patient relationship is required to obtain any prescription medications. Prescription medications include pharmaceuticals and many herbal combinations.

Non-prescription nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, herbal medications or dietary changes may be recommended for nutritional support for disease conditions. These may be purchased from our clinic and will be mailed to you.

Dr. Lewter is a licensed veterinarian in the state of Virginia.