Botanical Medicines, Nutraceuticals and Nutrition

So many conditions can be reversed with good nutrition, nutraceuticals and safe botanical medicines that nourish the body.


Nutrition is the foundation of health and wellness. We will teach you how to read labels on foods and how to choose species appropriate foods. Organic foods are preferred but not required. Organic implies non-genetically modified food ( GMO), but those common GMO foods can also be avoided like corn, and soy.



Dogs are omnivores, and can tolerate a variety of foods. The microbiome is key to digestion and health, so nourishing the microbiome is what its all about. We support your decision to feed raw foods, and try to coach you in the safest way to feed this natural way. We sell dehydrated raw diets in our office if you want to see how your dog loves a raw diet. Don’t wait until your pet gets cancer to change the diet.

Come see us for:

  • Food samples
  • Food allergy testing with Nutriscan
  • Recipes for home made diets
  • Special diets for hospice and cancer patients


Cats are carnivores, plain and simple. Commercial cat foods are often corn based and are the root cause of many chronic diseases from urinary tract problems to diabetes. We will help you choose a diet that is nutritionally appropriate for a lifetime of health that your cat will accept. We know how cats can become carbohyrdrate addicts, and we will help you break the addiction!

Problems from incorrect diets:

  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Urinary tract disease
  • Kidney failure

Farm animals and horses:

Choices in feed are equally important in farm animals and horses. Many diseases are caused by nutritional inadequacy, vitamin deficiency and inappropriate choices.

Nutrition related diseases:

  • Choke
  • Selenium deficiency
  • Tying up
  • White muscle disease
  • Milk fever
  • Immune deficiency
  • Laminitis
  • Parasitism

Botanical Medicines and Nutraceuticals:

Botanical medicines are extracts from plants which have medicinal properties to nourish the immune system or specific organs. They are used for a limited time to correct a problem. Nutraceuticals may be used long term and are combinations of plant medicines and vitamins and minerals which support the body’s normal function. An example is Arthriease Gold which provides multiple benefits for arthritis patients.

At Holistic Veterinary Consultants, we strive to help you choose safe and effective nutraceuticals and botanicals for your animals. To see what we recommend, please see our products tab